3 Reasons To Track and Manage Your IT Assets

Almost every business relies on its hardware, whether it’s your network, servers, computers, mobile devices, or other devices that keep your operation in full swing. However, understanding how to properly manage these devices can be time-consuming and knowledge intensive, leaving your business mismanaged and open to a multitude of problems that can lead to downtime and loss of income.

Because laptops and mobile devices, especially devices provided to employees, are constantly moving from one workspace to the next, it’s a challenge to stay on top of data usage and storage. That’s why we’ve developed this quick guide to keeping track of your company’s hardware and how it will ultimately benefit your bottom-line.

Hardware Isn’t Cheap
The cost of doing business is expensive, especially when there are multiple pieces of equipment involved and replacing even one laptop, server unit, storage component, or workstation can set you back a pretty penny. Therefore, it is pertinent that you manage your hardware just the same as you manage your data; as if it were irreplaceable. Keep a close eye on your equipment and make sure you understand who has access to your hardware at all times.

Hardware Holds Sensitive Information
The devices that run your business also carry your data. This data can be personally identifiable, confidential, and otherwise sensitive in nature, so it’s important to keep your hardware protected. Educate your employees on the importance of hardware security and how to prevent malicious activity by hackers.

Without Hardware Management, Relocation is a Pain
If you’re thinking about relocating your business anytime soon, a hardware management plan is essential. Moving is already a challenging task, but without proper management techniques in place, you’re likely to lose important data and even devices along the way that can lead to a major security breach or loss of income in the future.

If your business doesn’t have a hardware management plan in place, Innovative Tech, can help you with that by keeping track of your technology assets, managing your inventory, and optimizing your devices for maximum usage and security measures.

Manage Your Assets
Just as a hardware management plan can help protect your technology equipment, implementing an asset management policy and procedure can greatly help with organization of your assets beyond the scope of inventory management. Asset management includes attaching barcodes to your equipment that is automatically tracked in your system. Gone are the days when your administration will spend countless hours entering equipment data into a spreadsheet.

Manage Your Mobile Devices
Mobile devices are no exception to the list of assets and hardware that needs to be managed, but these devices are even more vulnerable to hackers who gain access via whitelisting and blacklisting applications. So, it’s even more important to implement a plan to manage your mobile devices.

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