Small organizations commonly adopt the "break/fix" model as their preferred IT management strategy. The "break/fix" model is a reactive approach whereby during an IT failure, a consultant or technician is called in to identify and fix the problem. The consultant/technician is paid a fee or hourly rate for their services.  This model looks less costly, but in reality, it works against the company's long-term interests because of lost productivity due to longer downtime finding a consultant/technician.

"Consequently, the outside consultants are particular about the correcting only the IT failure and as such, only the symptom is treated. This approach means the underlying IT infrastructure will never be addressed and will result in the consultants being recalled to fix another symptom, causing more money to be spent without resolution."

Therefore, it is advisable that small business owners adopt Managed IT Services to solve their companies IT problems. What are the reasons behind this advisory?

Contracted Managed IT Services providers are motivated to maintain the company’s systems up and running at all times. Repeated failures would cost them money and can be damaging to their reputation as a service provider. Consequently, Managed IT Services are cost-effective solutions because the packages are offered comprehensively at a fixed monthly service fee. Therefore, the small business receives high-quality services at a lower rate.

Having unlimited access to an IT expert is cost saving for an organization from a risk management perspective. Managed IT Services continually monitor and repair company networks with modern technological solutions that are usually available only to large businesses. The irreparable cost of data and network breaches is avoided because the consultant ensures that systems and software are up-to-date. The consultants are in contact and partnership with the best in the IT industry, and therefore all of this knowledge and resources are leveraged by the small businesses at an affordable cost.

Engaging a Managed IT Services provider is in the best interest of small businesses as it streamlines IT operations with business objectives. Managed IT Services spares small and midsize business owners the agony of worrying about matters far from their core skill set and allows them to focus their energy on building their business.


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