Botnets – What Are They?

Botnets are literary taking over the internet. Cyber-security practitioners are spending more time repelling zombified botnets than they are engaging with the real hackers. Hordes of remote controlled zombie bots and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are just two of the notorious techniques that hackers use to bring down networks with malicious intentions.

What are some of the ways that your business could be involved in the zombified botnets apocalypse?

Botnets are an army of malware-infected computers that take over your network using command-and-control functionality administered remotely from a single host server. It might take you a while before you realize your computer has become compromised and by that time, there is not much that you can do to mitigate the damage. However, since botnets depend on the interconnectivity of devices, this is also the only way to disengage because an infection in one device is transmitted to the entire network, infecting other computers too.  If you allow access to the internet using devices in your network, the chances are that you will be led into a trap where the botnets will target you.  Therefore, always ensure that your network is secured using efficient antivirus systems and avoid browsing the internet using personal devices connected to the business.

The effectiveness of botnets is that they can be turned on or off at will. That is why your computer could serve as part of a botnet without your realization. The hackers can infect your computer and the entire network with malware and then keep it deactivated until the need to deploy arises. Hackers who hire out their botnets can use your network of devices as part of the botnet army to render out DDoS-for-hire and affect the functionality of their target network.   It is scarier to imagine that attacks could be initiated by literarily anybody, even those without the capacity to boot up or shut down a computer. Attacks by DDoS botnets account for about 40 percent of all attacks carried out in North America.

DDoS attacks are also part of the modern military warfare where state agencies disrupt the services of other nations, affecting their capacity to provide public services and therefore compromising their national security. These types of attacks are carried out on an enormous scale, and the networks are flooded at between 1GB/second and 10GB/second. These are targeted, and they can only occur if the aggressor nation gains access to devices that connect to the networks of the targeted country. Therefore, your computer could be the link between your nation’s homeland security and its susceptibility to external attack through cyber warfare.

Another way that your computer utilized in a zombified state, is being activated to send out spam and spread malware to other devices connected to your network. The spam could be harmless emails, annoying viral media files or dangerous phishing malware that steals personal/company data or ransomware that locks out users from their computers until the hackers are paid off.

Preventing against Botnets and DDoS attacks can be a daunting and skill-intensive task even to cyber security experts. Your business cannot handle a DDoS or botnet attack by itself. There are enterprise-level cyber security solutions designed to keep out malware and spam from your network and your devices. These are implemented remotely by our dedicated team assigned to monitor your network 24/7and repel attacks before they infiltrate your network

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