9 Apps To Improve Productivity!

You’re looking for productivity, right? Aren’t we all? As business owners, it’s difficult to find an employee that can work for 8 hours straight. Let’s face it- it’s almost impossible for any human being to work that long without needing some sort of reprieve. And besides, studies show that short breaks are great for boosting…

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Rethink the 8-Hour Workday; It’s Time

We all, at some point, argue that we need to put in more hours to show that we are working. But really, how many hours a day do you or your employees work? The chances are that your average working day is 8 hours, but your productive hours during this period are less, much less.…

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Tip of the Week: 4 Peculiar Productivity Habits from Successful People

Insanely strong caffeine in your morning cup of coffee, lacking a stationary workstation for a writer, consistently keeping to your productivity i.e. no bad day, or soaking in air baths every morning; all these odd habits just to stay productive. Do any of these peculiar habits appeal to you? And what weird ritual do you have that keeps your workflow productivity at its maximum any time?

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