Computer Lessons

With years of experience providing computer training through the public library system, our instructor is uniquely qualified to provide engaging and meaningful training on the hardware and software that means the most to you. From turning on the computer to operating Microsoft Office, all the way to building own device, get the training that you need. Training is offered in the home or through a screen share depending on your comfort level and can be done on your schedule.

Training can also be geared to a business' needs. Let us take the guess work out of training your new staff with our pre-built lesson plans based on your unique business environment. All custom lesson plans will also include a detailed user manual for staff to refer to as well as ongoing support.

Senior man attending business class with trainer
Internet is not a secret for seniors at all

Cell Phone & Tablet Training

Maybe you have just purchased your first smartphone or tablet, or maybe you have had one for years but just aren't getting the most out of it. Let Innovative Tech help change that. We can provide you with in-depth training and setup on your cell phone or tablet. Apple, Android, Windows or even Blackberry we can walk you through the features and functionality of your device. 

Lessons can include how to know whether to update, protecting your device from theft or data overages. We can also cover setting up accessories such as keyboards or cases or even something as simple as navigating the device's interface.

Digital Camera Instruction

Everyone has a digital camera and most have looked at the various buttons and knobs and dials flipped it to automatic and never looked back. While this works for some photography applications, it is not a universal solution. Let us show you what those options mean and what situations would require which options. 

We do not provide photography lessons. But whether you are an amateur or an experienced photographer we can make sure you're getting the most out of the functionality of your digital camera. Every lesson will come with a cheat sheet.

But that's not all...

Our staff will provide training on many items including remotes, kitchen electronics, home theater equipment, etc. There is nothing too big or too small so reach out today and get started using your tech to it's fullest potential!

Mature couple with digital camera