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Leverage our experience to get the most from your technology investment. We support all vendor's solutions and will work with them so that you can focus on working with your families.

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After spending three years in the sector, I have been amazed by the level of care and professionalism shown by funeral directors. I have had the pleasure of working very closely with so many dedicated people in helping them embrace what can only be called a disruptive technology within their homes and assist them in turning it into a revenue stream along the way. One thing I learned early on though is that so few Funeral Homes in Canada and the US have a dedicated IT staff member, or can even recall the name of a local technology company that they have worked with.

This confusion made the process of implementing technology in the home very tough because so often there was no certainty around what technology existed, where network drops terminated, which audio board was on site and which knob controlled which device. The situation proved a detriment to the staff and a potential distraction on the day of the service.

The Good News is that Innovative Tech can help correct that!

Our Services


  • Custom hardware recommendations based on your needs and current equipment. We will make sure that what you get works with what you have
  • Take stock of all of the IT you have and how it works; providing you with a detailed summary, you can provide to new vendors as necessary
  • Correct any lingering technology headaches that exist (spotty internet, unlabeled audio board, "mystery boxes," etc.)
  • Help you decide on new technology products and advise on how they will work with the hardware you have on site and what may need to be changed
  • Provide user guides on technology as required
  • Offer discounts on IT by leveraging our buying power (computers, printers, audio gear, etc)



Our Process


  • We will have a call to discuss your current situation and needs
  • Following up the call, a staff member will come out to your home and meet with you. At this stage, we will take a full inventory of all of your technology including computers and peripherals, audio and video gear, security system, etc. This report will be provided to you both in paper and digital copies
  • We will discuss your short-term technology goals and make suggestions on how to achieve them (equipment, software, maintenance, etc.)
  • We will install remote support software on your computers which will allow us to help you from wherever we may be as well as administer updates
  • Once every six months (or more if required) we will visit your location and re-assess your goals and needs and how technology fits into that



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Please take a look through the rest of our site for more information on the services we offer. It is not funeral industry specific but will all apply to what we will bring to your home.

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