Cybercrime is on the rise. However, businesses continue to focus on what we like to call “Security 1.0”.  This methodology includes prevention efforts such as firewalls and virus protection. In the past, these may have been all that was necessary, but cyber criminals are using highly evolved strategies such as mobile malware and ransomware coupled with tools and “bots” which are designed to exploit every possible vulnerability and thwart these protections. Still, 80% of security budgets are still directed towards outdated “solutions.”

Innovative Tech Is at the Forefront of Security

We are leading the “Security 2.0” cyber security strategy, a more efficient methodology which emphasizes early detection and threat neutralization as opposed to erecting barricades the no longer stop the threats. Our Unified Threat Management involves a strong security stance paired with deploying a formal incident response plan that reduces the odds of and ultimate cost of a data breach.

In today's cyberspace, attacks have become more sophisticated, and so the question of attack isn’t “if,” but “when." An organization’s future will be shaped by the speed it detects attacks and responds to intruders. This challenge shapes the Innovative Tech approach to security. Our Managed Security as a Service option leads the industry by offering business owners practical solutions that are tailored to their assets, potential exposure, and tolerance for risk.


The "Security 2.0" approach to cyber security is informed by credible research and data including:

90% of businesses have experienced cyber attacks and nearly 50% have suffered damage as a result.
The average cost of an incident starts at $38,000 for the smallest business and goes up to $500,000 or more for enterprises — before factoring in fines, penalties or court-ordered damage awards to customers.
Malicious or criminal attacks rather than negligence or system glitches are the main players when damage occurs, and very few in-house IT departments or Managed Services Providers are equipped to handle them.
NASA, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA and the Pentagon all have multi-million dollar security budgets, yet all have been successfully hacked.
Malware can sit dormant for up to 250 days before being used against a company, but it typically takes 14 months for other firms to detect it.

By viewing security as a dynamic discipline, Innovative Tech’s staff draft and document policies, IT architectures and workflows that will lower the risk and liability associated with cyber security as well as help businesses demonstrate proper compliance reporting in an ever-evolving regulatory society. Our solutions address a broad range of client concerns including but not limited to compliance and audit preparedness, liability, networks, identity management, remote access, social media and what we call “the people factor.”

Reach out to Innovative Tech today for help navigating today’s multi-faceted risk landscape.