New Technology is the Only Hope for Companies Struggling to Retain Millennial Employees

Millennials probably dominate your current workforce, and you want to (should want to) leverage their skills and energy for your organization’s success. Just to clarify, Millennials are the men and women who became adults at the beginning of the 21st century.  That said, Millennials are known for being quite adventurous and ambitious, and they hop from job to job in pursuit of better opportunities and to seek new experiences. With their talent, tech savviness and level of skills, how would you as a leader ensure that you retain this workforce in your organization? You can start by giving them the latest gadgets and technologies.

It’s not just millennials who will be retained if you get them technology that keeps their workflow smooth. Employees get frustrated when their devices and other technology keep ‘sticking’ when at work. Using old devices or obsolete technology guarantees this negative experience, and nobody likes to put up with such situations. Your best talent would, therefore, could be convinced to work for another organization if they are guaranteed that they can log out from their computer at work and access the same files while at home via the cloud. Sounds like a better deal than walking around with a floppy disk!

Dell and Intel conducted a Future Workforce Study which demonstrated that 42 percent of Millennials in the workforce are ready and willing to leave an organization that shows no concern in equipping them with today’s standard of quality technology.

The study was conducted as a poll to about 4,000 full-time employees from all sorts of businesses in different industries scattered across ten different countries.

From the same survey, it was also established that 51 percent of Millennials assume that the Internet of Things (IoT) and continuous advancement of telecommunication technology including, virtual reality (VR) will at some point eliminate the need for face-to-face meetings in the workplace.

With the increasing dependence on technology in our daily lives, businesses should adopt the best technology on the market if they are to remain relevant.

While Millennials may not be interested in understanding the woes of a corporate IT budget, they appreciate the fact that good gadgets cost a fortune.  Therefore, leaders and decision makers in your organization must acknowledge the Millennials’ interest and assure them that all is being done to ensure their technological needs are met amid the tight budgets and financial restraint.

Furthermore, in addition to improving employee morale, powerful modern technology improves efficiency in your business. It is possible to exploit these competitive advantages without breaking the bank.  With cloud technology, you can deploy up-to-date solutions in your business using technology as “as a service,” including; software, infrastructure, and platforms. All this impressive tech at a fraction of the cost. With zero budget for maintenance, acquisition or storage, you get to exploit up to date technology on as needed basis and pay only for what you use.

Think about your company’s server and how crucial it is to your operations. If one tiny hardware component of the server malfunctions, you must get a replacement immediately, irrespective of whether or not this cost was included in the budgetary allocation. Why? Because downtime cripples your business. But remember you also need to call around different shops and source for the malfunctioned equipment, maybe order it from abroad or ship it from across the country.

Now picture this, if you partnered with Innovative Tech, they would have detected the potentiality of hardware failure proactively and prevented it from happening, and your business would not be disrupted at all. 

Utilize our Managed IT Services for your business IT needs. We can outline your IT roadmap to optimize latest and up-to-date technology in your organization to keep your staff motivated with the working conditions and focused on the core business.

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