Most business people understand the risks associated with major disasters, but many don’t realize that most data loss is the result of small localized problems instead of a catastrophic event. For small and mid-sized businesses these are major considerations. The reality of the risk leaves no doubt surrounding the value of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Bulletproof Your Business

An adequate backup and disaster recovery plan doesn’t have to break your budget. Innovative Tech provides a cost-conscious strategy to deliver a business continuity plan so that the assets your organization values most will be shielded from any unplanned emergency be it large or small. By utilizing the latest technology and tools, our computer systems experts have one purpose, and that is to mitigate the risk to your company's data.


The Innovative Tech Model

“Real Time” Backup Solution

Our “Incremental Forever” methodology means we back up changes to your data every 15 minutes

Server Virtualization Technology

Your servers can be restored and rebooted within a VM in less than 30 minutes.

24/7 Monitoring and Management

Ensures your data's complete integrity.

Advanced Data Encryption

Your information remains safe, secure and compliant.

Built-in Archiving

A far more cost-effective option than tapes. Archiving means you will always have the data you need.

Complete Image Generation

Creates an exact digital duplicate of your server infrastructure.

Our Planning Process

We could charge you a fortune to install an intelligent alarm system with all the bells and whistles or hire guards in uniforms to protect your machines. However, for us, it makes more sense to spend some time with you to strategically develop a customized IT Disaster Recovery plan.


Here is what our process looks like:


Draw up an assessment of every process dependent on IT services and environment


Identify and categorize your IT application portfolio to include your Service Level Objectives


Explain the differences between IT Disaster Recovery and Business Stability and Continuity


When a disaster does occur, what management and communication practices are set up to deal with it?


How are system administration and IT change-management affected by critical business service continuity?


Develop technical requirements to ensure security, resource requirements and a model for application compatibility.


Review and evaluate current backup systems and recovery strategies.



Regularly reassess current disaster recovery procedure and process, with a focus on changing threats and business process