Tip of the Week: 3 Tips to Maintain Your PC

In today’s technology-driven world, computers are an essential part of everyday life. While owning one may have its distinct advantages (just as any piece of equipment), your computer can also break down like other equipment. For this reason, it’s extremely important to perform routine maintenance on equipment, not only to extend its lifespan but to save you headaches and replacement costs. To help secure your data and your investment, we’ve outlined three important things every PC user should monitor and maintain frequently:

Regular Cleaning
The key to prolonging the lifecycle of your PC is to keep it clean. This means really getting in there and physically cleaning your hardware. Dust buildup and poor airflow lead to the overheating of critical components that are necessary for your computer to operate. Also, be sure to keep your workspace clean. Your computer needs room to breathe, and most people don’t understand how important this is to the life of their computer. If you use your laptop for extended periods of time and find that it gets hot quickly, you may want to invest in a cooling pad.

Monitoring RAM Usage
If you’re not tech-savvy, you just know that your computer needs memory to operate. However, your computer utilizes different types of memory, and one of those is RAM. RAM is the memory that allows your computer to perform multiple functions at the same time and most PC users don’t know they need it until it’s almost gone.  Use the Task Manager to monitor the RAM available on your computer. If your RAM is being eaten up and you’re not running resource intensive programs, it might be a sign of malicious activity, so contact your IT provider immediately.

Updating Your Software
You know that annoying security update that pops up regularly? We’ve all been there; we click “Remind me Later” because we’re in the middle of some ultra-important task, right? Well, stop. Make sure your security software is always up to date and running properly. There is nothing more dangerous to the health and life of you PC than a security breach. Once malware or other invasive pests have found their way into your framework, it’s almost impossible to bring your computer back to normal. Do yourself a favor and keep your security system up to date.

If you’re a business owner, these steps are even more important because your business relies on your equipment for functionality and efficiency. A security breach or equipment downtime could cost you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars. Hiring an in-house IT specialist might not be an option for you, but having an IT expert on-call is always a smart business move. At Innovative Tech, Ltd., we offer managed IT services that are designed to meet the specific needs of Quinte businesses and catered to your budget- no matter what size.

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