Tip of the Week: 4 Peculiar Productivity Habits from Successful People

Getting in the zone while working is the key to productivity and success. We all know how difficult it is to find a routine that gets you in your element every day. What works for this week would barely get you excited next week e.g. your music playlist. But here come very successful people in human history who routinely practiced these peculiar habits that got them in the zone to achieve productivity as they worked.

Ludwig van Beethoven and his Work Allegro

Some people can barely get their day started until they grab a freshly brewed large cup of Tim Horton’s on their way to work. Others need two or three cups of coffee, one at home and one to take on the way and they will get the day going, and then there’s Beethoven. It is reported that Beethoven, the famous classical composer was specific about the number of coffee beans in his morning cup of coffee. The number was 60 beans, and this would get him in the zone.

Whereas this amount of caffeine gets your work rate to be higher within a short time, it also has its unintended consequences. The energy drain from the high productivity contributed to the deterioration of Beethoven’s health.

Dependence on any drug to enhance one’s level of productivity is highly discouraged. A cup or two of coffee or an energy drink accompanied by loads of discipline might be just what you need to boost your productivity especially when you have to see a project go through.

Benjamin Franklin’s Declaration of Free Mornings

It turns out that the founding father of the United States of America cherished freedom in all aspects of his life. Every morning, to keep his spirits high to face the day, Benjamin Franklin would spend the first hour of his day reading and writing while soaking in air baths. Come to think of it, why waste time in the mornings on selecting the days’ outfit?

As Benjamin Franklin fancied nude mornings, Mark Zuckerberg chooses to have a wardrobe full with similar sweatshirts so that he spends less time selecting an outfit to have more time for productive activities.

Someone should ask him what morning ritual he performs with that extra time on his hands.

Agatha Christie and The Case of the Missing Desk

Ever heard of any author, let alone a successful author, who never owned a desk? Well, that is Agatha Christie for you. Agatha Christie wrote most of her mystery novels while maintaining a desk-less workflow. It might seem like nothing much in today’s world where we have mobile devices and cloud computing, but during her time, this meant borrowing typewriters and using a pen and paper. The only cloud platform at that point was a carriable case where one would keep notes and manuscripts and carry them around if they needed to work from a different location.

In today’s work environment, some workers are highly productive when they are not tied down to a desk.

Stephen King’s Work Ethic

Stephen King is famous for his numerous spooky stories and one of his memorable quotes to show his approach to his work ethic is “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”  Stephen King would churn out 2000 words every single day.  This work rate enabled him to produce book after book, and they were all hits. I guess we could add, ‘practice makes perfect.’ What’s the equivalent of 2000 words per day in your line of work? Whatever that may be, consistency will keep you moving closer to realizing your success.

Insanely strong caffeine in your morning cup of coffee, lacking a stationary workstation for a writer, consistently keeping to your productivity i.e. no bad day, or soaking in air baths every morning; all these odd habits just to stay productive. Do any of these peculiar habits appeal to you? And what weird ritual do you have that keeps your workflow productivity at its maximum any time?

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