Tip of the Week: Helpful Tips for Managing Email Overload

Almost every day starts with either reading or sending an email. The communication value of email(s) in a business environment cannot be understated, but emails can also slow down your productivity.

Your business inbox receives emails from your employees/colleagues, from business partners, service providers, customers, prospective stakeholders, and worst of all, junk mail.

Going through everything can be time-consuming and overwhelming to you and your staff. It reduces efficiency and can waste copious amounts of time in the workplace.

These three ways of managing emails will help you and your employees to be more productive during the work day.

Read Your Inbox Regularly
You expect important communication daily so you cannot afford to ignore your inbox just because you also expect unimportant emails.   By setting up specific times for reading emails, say early morning, and just after lunch hour, you slowly keep up with your inbox and reduce the long list of unread messages.


Unsubscribe from Email Listings
After reading an excellent article you will be interested in a follow-up, and you subscribe to a newsletter. Once the interest in the matter fades, you will still receive emails from this source. Consequently, when you are job-hunting, you might subscribe to job alerts; or notifications on promotional offers, and they will stream in their loads. You can avoid the overflow of such alerts and notifications to your inbox by unsubscribing (opt-out) from these services.

Spam-Blocking Solution
Spam does not only annoy, but it is also a security risk to your organization’s data. Spam serves hackers as the best channels for spreading malware.  Using spam filtering services equips your network to automatically identify spam and junk mail and direct such mail away from your inbox. When you open your email inbox, you will not stare at the 10 unread emails out of which nine are unsolicited junk mail.

Eliminating junk mail from your network reduces the risk of malware infection and increases productivity among your workforce.

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