Tip of the Week: How to Use Two Smartphones but Carry One

Walking around with two smartphones is not just hectic, but chances are by the time you go back home, you’ll have lost one smartphone.

Society is moving away from the multi device phenomenon to reduce the amount of electronic waste. Be a part of the solution by dumping the extra phone at home without losing its functional value.

These tips will help you get the value of two mobile phones without carrying two devices.

Call Forwarding
One phone can receive incoming calls for two devices. The call forwarding option allows you to redirect incoming calls from one phone to be received from another phone. Any mobile phone manufactured in the last decade should be having this feature.  In your Android phone, you can access the call forwarding feature by going to phone app, touch the Action Overflow icon (…), then select calling account > Call forwarding. You will find various call settings that will enable you to configure and merge both devices.

Mirror Text Messages
You might be wondering how you will get your SMS from the other device. Luckily, smartphones are flexible enough to allow installation of third-party apps. Both Android and iOS have several free and paid text message mirroring apps. Installing such a feature will ensure that you read all SMS sent to the device that you left at home.

Set Up Multiple Accounts

Both Android and iOS phone devices have features that enable activating multiple accounts on one device.No longer will it be necessary to carry both personal and work devices. Seek assistance from your company’s IT provider to configure your employer accounts. Also, ensure that you have the green light from your company’s IT security policy enforcer.

Sync to the Cloud
Did you know that you can access all of your accounts from one device by syncing the apps with the cloud? Syncing allows you to receive notifications and alerts directly from one device without opening multiple devices.

Most tech resources are now cloud-based, to provide the full functionalities of their apps, including iCloud, Office 365, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Merging your devices reduces the risk of you losing one or both devices, and it also sheds off the extra baggage. It gets better because you get to exploit the functionalities of both devices using only one gadget: and you don’t have to switch back and forth between smartphones.

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