Tip of the Week: Use These Functionalities to Navigate Windows 10

It is no secret that finding your way around Windows 10 can be daunting. Despite having all the software resources and other files in the different drives, sometimes a user finds challenges locating a particular app.

The reintroduction of the Start menu in Windows 10 gives you ample opportunities for searching all of the files on the hard drive. This efficiency has been made possible by the integration of Cortana.

First, the Search bar is a capable tool for finding a particular program or file in Windows 10.  As much as it seems easy and obvious, the practicability of the search bar limits its functional ability. How? When you misspell the name of the file, the search bar cannot match your search with the possible results in the system.

Another approach of finding a particular program on Windows 10 is by viewing the complete list of programs installed on your device. A click on the Start menu provides a list of all programs at the right column, with your most used apps featuring at the top.

Also, by clicking on one of the letters appearing alphabetically in the headings, the simplicity of using the start menu to search for apps becomes even more evident.

The letters appearing alphabetically are a manifest of the various apps that start with the corresponding letter, and this helps the user to narrow down on the search item. Clicking on a particular letter will provide the names of applications in the PC that fall under this category. This feature eases the burden of trying to remember the spellings of the name of the application that you seek.

Windows 10 is one of the latest products from Microsoft that can be used to improve efficiency in the way your organization carries out its functions. Windows 10 provides both functionality and practicality for a solid user experience.

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