Virtual CIO & IT Vendor Management

Virtual CIO Services

We understand that technology-latent issues like “How do I grow my business while minimizing expenses?”, or, “How do I protect my data from natural disasters and malicious attacks?” keep you up at night.

You are not alone.

Many business owners and managers at small and midsized businesses are equally concerned and frustrated with the vastness of information and limited knowledge.

We are also up all night thinking about how to increase efficiency and data security while minimizing overhead costs. What we propose is a virtual Chief Information Officer for your business. Our IT consultants offer operational, strategic advisory services to align your IT strategy with your business goals and objectives.

Increase Your Company's Efficiency

Your go-to IT solution partner.

Every office has that one individual that has to wear every hat and answer every question when it involves technology. Usually, it’s the person in who you are witnessing a decline in performance. These office IT “heroes” are at an increased risk of becoming burnt out as a result of the daily onslaught of phone calls arguing with technology vendors.

You need a central point of contact that can handle all these issues and solve them effectively and efficiently. Innovative Tech’s team of IT professionals are excited to offer this crucial component as a part of their per user flat-rate managed services agreement. Partnering with us can free you and your office “hero” from the drudgery so that you and your staff can focus on the business. It also helps that we speak “geek,” so vendors are less likely to have us power cycle the router multiple times before pointing the finger at another supplier.

With our IT Vendor Management service, we start by taking an inventory of all the hardware and software on site including serial numbers, warranties, registrations, licenses, and configurations, making sure to document them for easy access. This process speeds up recovery when something breaks or is damaged. Whenever you need a new piece of hardware or software; or even just happen to be having a problem with a particular component, all you have to do is reach out to our help desk. Since we have an inventory of your environment on hand, we will be able to take the necessary steps to deal with the involved vendors on your behalf. Once completed, we will inform you of what was done or is expected to be done in real time.

While your IT is essential to your business, it can be a headache that you don’t need. Be sure to check out the rest of our website for more information on our valuable IT Managed Services in the Quinte region.

IT Vendor Management

Our IT Vendor Management service is built around working with third-party vendors to help you access the best business solutions with ease and at a lower cost. We take a consultative approach to determine the hardware and software solutions suitable for your firm needs. Our Managed IT Service ranges from a simple consultation in-depth program for great infrastructure management to a long-term partnership with your business to ensure all your IT needs are identified aligned to the business processes and objectives and are managed to uphold the integrity of the entire system and ensure efficiency. By focusing on these services, our Virtual CIO program is sure to be a valuable asset to rely on when you’re evaluating your company’s technology needs.