Workstation Management

Computer Hardware Repair: Outsourced Computer Support

If your hardware breaks, our tech support is there to fix it!

Computers fail every day. Usually, this is the result of standard wear-and-tear. Any devices’ internal components will eventually degrade, leaving you scrambling. Fortunately for you, the Technology Consultants at Innovative Tech are ready and able to provide a thorough assessment of almost any piece of computer hardware or accessory. We are set apart from the competition by our ability to determine the cause, find a solution, and implement the solution in a prompt manner. With our Computer Support, we ensure downtime is limited.

Software Licensing and IT Service Management

Up to date software ensures that your business runs smoothly.

Every day, software is driving your business forward. To keep your business running current versions of productivity and management software, you will need to continually reassess your staffs’ computing needs and purchase the required licenses. At Innovative Tech, we take over handling software licensing to make sure that your company’s software is up to date and delivered correctly.