SPAM Protection

Regain Control over your Inbox with IT Business Solutions

Every day you go through your email and respond to leads, customer’s queries, and internal communication. Unfortunately, junk and spam are a huge part of these emails, and this wastes both time and money that could be utilized to create value elsewhere.

Innovative Tech’s integrative spam protection are developed to deter spam before it gets delivered to your inbox. Our solution involves deploying a comprehensive IT Services spam protection strategy, so you and employees get down to productive activity without having to sort through piles of junk mail.

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Costs
  • Mitigate IT Security Risks
  • Take Back Your Workday
  • Reduce Spam

With an assumed cost of $712 per year in lost time for each employee, spam is a grave concern for many organizations that don’t have adequate protection. Spam accounts for just over 50% of all emails sent according to the most recent stats. By integrating spam protection within your IT services solution, you will keep your employees from being overwhelmed with spam and take back that lost time through increased productivity.

Spam has become the primary mode of transportation for common security threats such as viruses, malware, and spyware. A single spam message that’s disguised as a genuine message being opened by an unwitting staff member could have a widespread effect on your entire IT infrastructure. Therefore, it’s crucial that you eliminate this potential threat before something slips through your defenses.

Innovative Tech's spam protection IT Services are a hosted custom business solution that makes use of intelligent, pre-configured filters to keep suspicious emails from entering your network in the first place. Anything that is flagged is immediately quarantined for you to review, which ensures you don’t miss an important email.

Spam is likely to make up the majority of the email your business receives. Every day, an enormous amount of your staff’s time is wasted sifting through this junk. By eliminating spam, you’re effectively giving your company back this time to jump-start operations, improve workflow, and gain the competitive edge.

If your business is fighting a losing battle against spam, now is the time to seize control of your email. Contact Innovative Tech today at (888) 245 9926